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So happy [Idolmaster Cinderella Girls]
Summer [Original]
I’ve never seen a cuter Cat in the Hat! She’s rocking it! #drsuess #mybaby #catinthehat #pigtailbraids
Happy Valentines day 💋
Tohru [Dragon Maid]
Girls Frontline
pigtails in bikini
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"Here..." [Takamiya Rion]
After School Valentine [Virtual YouTube]
These Hairstyles Can Help You Fake Fuller Hair
♥ I Love Pigtails♥
At the Beach [Sennen Sensou Aigis]
Happy Tohru! [Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon]
Group Photo [Takamiya Rion]
2月2日は #ツインテールの日 #ツインテール
✌️ [Idolmaster]
Short blonde twintails [Original]
Marie Antoinette [Fate/Grand Order]
Miqo'te [Final Fantasy XIV] : twintails
Tastes bad [Original] : twintails
UMP-9 [Girls Frontline] : twintails
Dorky Glasses Yun [New Game] : awwnime
UMP-9 [Girls Frontline] : twintails
Succubus Eriri [Saekeno] : twintails